4 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews for Burn Baby Burn!

I got my first review.  I really was holding my breath when I clicked on the link to read it.  Talk about a big sigh of relief when I started reading!

Burn Baby Burn is a sweet, sexy story about a woman burned by love and the man who wants to show her that not all love is as painful as what she’s experienced. The problem is that he’s her cheating ex-husband’s best friend—or so she believes. Marisa Carter is a photographer who is taking shots of Ethan McCafferty for a charity calendar. He’s the sexy firefighter with the Santa Hat covering his… Anyway, when the two get together to take the pictures, Marisa realizes she is attracted to Ethan. He’s obviously attracted to her, too. The problem is that Marisa truly feels that getting involved with another man is a bad idea, after what happened to her last time.

Although this story is hot and sexy, it is heartwarming and tender, too. The emotions between the couple ride high and I could feel Marisa’s pain and disappointment clearly. When the couple grow close, it is easy to see that Ethan cares about how she learns the truth about her ex-husband. He’s compassionate and doesn’t try to make himself look good at anyone else’s expense. Actually, Ethan is the kind of guy any lady would be lucky to know!

I enjoyed reading Burn Baby Burn by Lynne Logan because it felt honest. The sex was steamy and the story sincere.

Reviewed by: Carly 

4 responses to “4 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews for Burn Baby Burn!

  1. Congrats Lynne! 🙂 Nothing like a great review to make you do a happy dance!



  2. What a wonderful review. Heartwarming and tender! Woohoo!


  3. Congratulations on the wonderful review from FAR. The first review is scary, but I knew you’d get a good one. Your book is a great little story.
    Tia Dani


  4. Thanks guys! Yeah, that first one is sure scary.


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